Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bad Breakfast - By Gizmo

I ate my breakfast this morning and it didn't quite taste the same.
I gutzed it down real fast because it was my favorite (gourmet beef & gravy) and it wasn't until afterward that I realised mummy had put that dreadful worming tablet in there.
Sneaky Mummy, she tricked me! She knows I hate worm tablets. She even tried to give me the chocolate coated ones once but I wasn't gonna fall for it and now this.
How can I ever enjoy my food again, knowing that I could be tricked at any time?


Pedro said...


I know what you're sayin! My mom put some medicine for me in Greenies Pill Pockets recently. It took a couple of days to figure out what she was doing but now I know and won't fall for it again! Hey, I left you an award on my blog today :P



Woof Gizmo

Just don't even think about it and swallow your food whole. Of course you could pout and cry, maybe that will get you more treats, it works for us sometimes.

Desert Pups

Anonymous said...

Moms are like that. they say they do that kind of thing to you because they love you......

Make of that what you may. I'm confused on the whole subject.