Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Break out the bubbly, some dog treats and lick everybody around you cause it's 2009

Wishing every dog and their humans a very Happy New Year!

Gizmo's New Years Resolutions

1. Get to go in all the places that have No Dogs Allowed signs
2. Get on T.V
3. Get to make new friends
4. Get to play with my toys all day long
5. Get to be with my Mummy always

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Xmas Present Video

This is the very short video mum took when I first got to open my presents from Santa Paws.
The bag of stuffies contained a blue frog, a blue bone, a blue rope toy and the one I'm playing with in the video is a blue dummy (pacifier for those of you in the USA)
They all squeak.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Lollipop - By Gizmo

Either this lollipop mummy got off Santa was made for a Giant or I'm shrinking!

Which one do you think it is?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Paws Came

And look what he bought me.

A bag full of stuffies in just my size and...

A brand new chicken to replace the one that I broke.

Thank you so much Santa Paws, I love them all.

I'll be by all your blogs soon to see what you all got off Santa Paws.

Merry Christmas Every Dawg

Hugz & Lickz

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A rescue dog's christmas poem

Author Unknown
Attributed to the Tuscan Humane Society
(Warning you may need tissues)

'Tis the night before Christmas and all through the town,
Every shelter is full - we are lost but not found.
Our numbers are hung on our kennels so bare,
We hope every minute that someone will care.
They'll come to adopt us and give us the call,
"Come here, Max and Sparkie - come fetch your new ball!!

But now we sit here and think of the days,
We were treated so fondly - we had cute, baby ways.
Once we were little, then we grew and we grew -
Now we're no longer young and we're no longer new.

So out the back door we were thrown like the trash,
They reacted so quickly - why were they so rash?
We "jump on the children:, "don't come when they call",
We "bark when they leave us", climb over the wall.

We should have been neutered, we should have been spayed,
Now we suffer the consequence of the errors THEY made.
If only they'd trained us, if only we knew...
We'd have done what they asked us and worshiped them, too.
We were left in the backyard, or worse -let to roam-
Now we're tired and lonely and out of a home.
They dropped us off here and they kissed us good-bye...
"Maybe someone else will give you a try."

So now here we are, all confused and alone...
In a shelter with others who long for a home.
The kind workers come through with a meal and a pat,
with so many to care for, they can't stay to chat.
They move to the next kennel, giving each of us cheer...
We know that they wonder how long we'll be here.

We lay down to sleep and sweet dreams fill our heads..
Of a home filled with love and our own cozy beds.
Then we wake to see sad eyes, brimming with tears --
Our friends filled with emptiness, worry, and fear.

If you can't adopt us and there's no room at the Inn --
Could you help with the bills and fill our food bin?
We count on your kindness each day of the year --
Can you give more than hope to everyone here?
Please make a donation to pay for the heat...
And help get us something special to eat.
The shelter that cares for us wants us to live,
And more of us will, if more people will give.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I've got bling - By Gizmo

I got 2 new collars from Petitude, in my mums favorite colors and get this, they put my name on them in bling letters for free!

I am very happy with them because not only do I look fantastic but when I'm out and about people know my name just by looking at me. How's that for celebrity stardom!
They're also really handy if I become lost too because then the humans, who find me, can call me by my actual name and not a made up one like my mum had to do when she first found me.

Don't I look spiffy and sparkly in my new bling?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

100th Post

Well we made it finally to our 100th Post. Woohoo
We look forward to writing the next 100.
Thankyou to everyone who reads and comments on our blog. We love you all

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Photo - By Gizmo

Do I look like I'm singing or roaring? I need to know so I can work on my acting skills as you never know when a Hollywood producer might be around.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I was tagged by Rambo to say something nice about the last 10 people/dogs to leave a comment on my blog. So here goes.

Starting with the very last person to leave a comment and working my way back we have...

1. Jackson & Patrick - They are new Chihuahua friends of mine who love to pose for the camera. They are really good at it too. Patrick recently ate the pinecones off their Christmas tree and got sick though. Silly boy.

2. Lorenza - Was one of the very first doggies to come to my blog and therefore is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She loves wearing clothes just like I do and has loads of spunk. I could fall in love with her. Too bad she lives such a long way away.

3. Noah - A fellow Aussie friend. Noah and his sisters Tess, Willow & Lucy are one of the biggest friends that I have. They are very happy dogs probably because they have such nice masters who spoil them.

4. Mango - My beautiful white Buddy who has been my friend for as long as I've been blogging. I sometimes call him my white Angel because he looks out for me even from the other side of the world. Mango, you're the best buddy a dog could have!

5. Tony - I found him through Rusty's blog when he was going around the world as Flat Tony. He is a top bloke who is a fellow Tasmanian like my mum so that makes him great. I hope I get to meet his dog Dixie one day. She looks like she could be fun to play chicken with.

6. Rambo - A Chihuahua like myself. He was once lost and then found, also like myself so that makes us kind of like brothers. Rambo was one of my very first friends on blogger also and that is why I think of him as a brother.

7. Huskee & Hershey - Huskee is a very cute, lovable and sweet dog. Hershey can be a bit naughty at times chewing on the furniture but he is still young and hopefully will grow out of it before destroying the whole house.

8. Rusty - The best squirrel chaser there is. If I ever see a squirrel I know just who to call. Rusty is so special to me. He sent me some yummy treats that got quarantined so I was not able to have them but it's the thought that counts. I think you're the best Rusty!

9. Tuffy - Our very own candidate for Presidency 2012 "Go Tuffy!"Tuffy is a fairly new friend of mine. She is also a Chihuahua like myself and I think she's just tops.

10. Pedro - I think of Pedro as a brother also. He was one of my very first friends on here and he looks so much like me that we could be twins.
He has a very loving family and is spoiled as well.
I love my twin Pedro!

If your name was mentioned then that means you're tagged as well unless of course you've already done it.

Till next time
Hugz & Lickz

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am special - By Gizmo

I did not receive the special treat that I won on Rusty's blogoversary because our quarantine laws here wouldn't allow me to have it.

On a plus note though I will eat a whole lot better now knowing that the Australian Government thinks that I am so special that they quarantine all of my food and test it first so I won't get sick.

The Government sent me a very nice letter, it was addressed to me and everything. And even though I got scared at first thinking that they were writing to deport me, I now know that the Australian Government knows who I am and thinks that I am a very special pup indeed.

Thankyou to Rusty and his mum for the thought and the nice picture you sent along with it. They did allow me to have that so thanks. I woof you a Merry Christmas too.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Toy Run - By Gizmo

Look mummy got an early Christmas present from daddy and it's a chihuahua on a motorbike.

I'm sooo jealous because I've always wanted to ride on one of those.

I saw thousands of bike riders last weekend because it was their annual Christmas Toy Run.
Every year bikers from around the State get together and ride from Launceston to Hobart collecting toys to bring down and give to kids in need.
Good on ya guys and girls, you rock!

I so wanted to go over and ask one of them if I could have a go on their bike but there was so many and it was so noisy I was too scared.
Oh well maybe next year.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Meet Toy Rolly

The spare tyre

He said on his tag to replace when worn so I don't know how long he will last before being taken away from me.
I didn't really like him at first because he is a bit heavy but mum squeaks him and then rolls him along the floor and I have to knock him off course and then bring him back to her to do it all over again so now he's one of my favourites.

Watch me playing this fun, new game on the video below

Gizmo's rating:
Enjoyment - 3/5
Safety - 2/5 (because it's a bit heavy & hurts me when it's rolling too fast)
Overall - 3/5

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Meet Toy Spike

The Echidna or Porcupine, not really sure.

Spike is also a "chew it" toy and so I'm trying to eat his spikes off, one at a time.
Oh and he squeaks too and I love the way his spikes feel in my mouth.

Gizmo's Rating
Enjoyment - 4/5
Safety - 3/5
Overall - 4/5

Friday, December 5, 2008

Meet Toy Buzz

The Bumble Bee

I got new toys after I had my other ones thrown out for destroying them.
I'm going to introduce them all to you one by one.
First up is Buzz the bumble bee.

He said on his Tag "Chew it, Chew the right thing" so we think that means it's ok if I chew it to death.
I'm trying to bite his little wings off first (if mum would let me anyway)
Oh and he squeaks too. Isn't he cute?

Gizmo's Rating
Enjoyment - 4/5
Safety - 3/5
Overall - 4/5

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our 6mth Anniversary

Today is the day, 6 months ago, when Gizmo and I found each other. And boy has that time flown by.
He has bought me so much joy and happiness. It feels as though we've always been together.

For smallest breed
Of dog we know,
The Chihuahua takes the prize-
With a heart
That's warm and loving,
Far beyond its tiny size.

A dog that loves to cuddle-
A charmer from the start.
A Chihuahua
Came into my life
And stole away my heart.

Today is also Prince cat's 5th birthday.
Well actually we don't really know his birthday but today is the day 3 years ago that we rescued him from the Hobart Cat Home so it's celebrations all around.