Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gizmo loves feeding Boaz

Because of the drought here in Tassie, I've been having to go up and feed my horse Boaz everyday.
Gizmo usually has to wait in the car because I can't watch him plus take care of Boaz at the same time so I bought a Pet Backpack from Petitude.

I can now take Gizmo safely with me, plus have my arms free to be able to do everything I need to do with Boaz.
It has a safety clip so he can't jump out and hurt himself. Not that he tries to anyway. He seems to love going everywhere with me. I think it's the height he loves too because it gives him a whole new view of the world around him.
Gizmo only stands at 20cm tall and I'm 165cm so he can see so much more when strapped to my back.
I can also turn the backpack around to the front if I want and use it as sort of a kangaroo type pouch.

Gizmo loves feeding Boaz with me now.

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