Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why does Gizmo like wearing people clothes?

He just can't get enough. Is anyone else's dog the same?
He will go and grab his sweater (which he is wearing all the time outside right now because it's winter) and he will try and put it on himself. Sometimes getting his head stuck in the neck hole in the process. It's quite hilarious to watch.
I've had to start storing his clothing up high, where he can't reach them but I'm really starting to get quite a collection now. has become my new favourite store. They have a wide range of pet outfits, carry bags and pet furniture at really great prices. They also have an ebay store where you can grab some really fantastic bargains.

This is Gizmo's newest outfit. Blue denim overalls, they also come in red. They are so cute and adorable. They have a designer label and everything. Even cute little back pockets.
I got him some red sneakers to go with it as well and he looks so cute.

The first time I put the sneakers on him he did a little ballet type dance. It was so funny but he's gotten used to them now and doesn't do it anymore. Bummer!

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