Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Ball - Mini Basketball

Mum bought me a new ball. It's a mini basketball that squeaks.
So who of you wants to join me in a game of Basketball?


Lorenza said...

Hi, Gizmo!
I have a ball like yours! Maybe I can go there with mine and we will have twice of fun!
Kisses and hugs

NESSA the hovawart said...

Hi, Gizmo,

I would love to play ball with you!!I too have ball like yours at home, so we could play double ball hehe..
Kisses and hugs,

Snowy and Crystal said...

This ball looks sooooo much fun to play with, says Snowy ^_^

Hi again guys,

We wanted to tell you that we are taking a short break from blogging. There will be no new post for a short period of time in our main blog. Our blog went private a couple of hours ago, so no one will have access to it except for the two of us. but we just want to tell you that we will be back very soon ..and once we do, our blog will go public again ;) *wet licks*

Snowy & Crystal

The OP Pack said...

Hey Gizmo, we would love to play ball with you. We have one like that here too but one of the boy grandbipeds is always stealing it.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Pedro said...


Lets form a chi-chi-wa-wa b-ball team! You, me and Rambo!


Sharon said...

Dobby would love to play basketball, too! I bet you boys could beat all the competition ;)

S and D