Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Dogs Life - By Gizmo

It's hard work being a dog.

I sleep for approximately 16hrs a day but it's not true sleeping because I always have one ear open, on alert, for anything out of the ordinary.

I go out with my mummy everyday, in the car, and then I get strapped to her back while she goes and feeds that gentle giant of a horse called Boaz, who never seems to stop eating.

Sometimes she leaves me at home because she's going someplace where I can't go and it's my job to protect the house and guard it till she comes back.
I don't like being left alone and sometimes I howl and cry till I can't cry no more. Then my mummy comes home and I'm so happy to see her, I lick her like crazy.
I just love my mummy.

I eat 3 meals a day. 2 of those meals are dry food which I don't like very much but mummy says they're good for my teeth so I do as she says. I also get raw chicken wings, which took me a while to work out how to eat them cause they're very chewy. I think I've finally got the hang of it though.
Sometimes if I've been really good I'll get some of mummy's food. I love my mummy's food. It's the best food in the whole world.

That big, grey furry thing they call Prince the cat doesn't like me very much.
He looks down on me from places up high and then when he comes down low, and I go over to say hello, he swipes his paw at me which isn't very nice.
Doesn't he realize I'm only trying to be his friend and play with him?

Thankfully my mummy plays with me everyday. My favorite games to play are fetch and tug-of-war. I just love to play and wish I could all day long but it's no fun to play by yourself and mummy gets bored after a while.

At night I curl up in my mummy's lap while she watches t.v. Sometimes I'll watch the t.v too if there's animals on it making lots of noises.
There were wolves howling on the t.v last time I watched it and it was very interesting. I wonder if they'll be on it again?

I love my life now. Before I used to live with people who kept me outside with 6 other dogs because they wanted me to breed. I didn't want to though.
I was very cold and lonely there so one day I decided to run away and that's how I found my mummy.
I'm so glad I ran away because now I have the best life a dog can have and I'm very happy.

I love my life, I love my mummy & my mummy loves me right back!

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