Monday, August 18, 2008

Gizmo finally goes shopping

Well we finally did it, after all this time. Hoorah!

I had to rush into Harvey Norman this morning and buy a new mouse because my old one snuffed it last night and I decided it was finally time to take Gizmo with me.
So with Gizmo safely hidden in the bag and my heart racing at 100 beats a minute, I took a deep breath and entered the store...

Nobody took any notice of us and not even one person looked at the bag, let alone confronted us so my heart slowed down to normal and I calmly walked through the store.

While I was browsing through all the different mice, Gizmo decided to shift positions in the bag. I glanced up to see if anybody noticed and nobody did, so with that I decided to take my time and look around the whole store.

At one point a sales lady wandered over to us and I thought "oh no this is it" but all she did was ask if I needed any help.

I couldn't believe how easy it was after all that stressing I did about it.

Then it came time to pay for my items and leave.
Gizmo started to panic because he thought the barcode, from the microchip in his neck, would set off the alarm. I told him not to be so silly.

The checkout guy didn't even ask to look in the bag to make sure I hadn't stolen anything. Phew!
I walked outta there with a great big smile on my face.

That was it, task finally accomplished, Yay!

Next time I'll take Gizmo grocery shopping with me and father's day shopping so look out for those upcoming adventures to find out how they went.


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Mango's mom here:
Hi Katie,
The story on how you and Gizmo have found each other is so touched, thank you for giving Gizmo great motherly love.
I enjoy reading your blog, will come back. Would you please visit Mango's blog and sign his guestbook. We love to have some flags waving in Australia!

Snowy & Crystal said...

Thank you for stopping by our blog and saying hello

we just loved Gizmo's story...It sure is 2 belong to eachother :)

Maltese Paws,

Snowy & Crystal & Kat

Minou said...

I've snuck Minou into restaurants... No one ever notices...

Poppy's Corner Shop said...

Oh Gizmo, how cute you are... Love your blog :D Poppy xoxo

Katie and Gizmo said...

Thanks everyone

*hugs & Licks*