Friday, August 15, 2008

Invisible bone burying

There is this really cute thing Gizmo does.
He buries his bone, inside, on the carpet.

He'll pick a spot somewhere, usually in a corner. Then he'll scratch the carpet with his front paws like he's digging a hole.
Then he will place the bone, ever so gently, down where he just dug.
And then finally (the best part) he will use his nose to scoop invisible dirt over the bone to cover it.

How cute is that!
I've been trying to video it but he's more interested in the camera then in his bone.


Rambo said...

I have tried to bury my bone on the ottoman, but G-Mom gets real mad and says I will dig a hole. Duh G-Mom, that's the point. Humans!

Charlie Daniels said...

Yeah I'm Rambo. The lounge is a much better place to hide a bone! ;-)