Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My pretty new collar - By Gizmo

Does everybody like my beautiful pearl & rhinestone collar from Petitude?

Wearing it I feel like a star. Do I look like one?
If only Tinkerbell could see me now. hehe


Charlie Daniels said...

It matches your boots! ;-)



Pedro said...


You've got BLING and boots and you went shopping! BEtter be careful, people will start to think you ARE Tinkerbell! Hey, I'm gonna add you to my blog roll ok?


Snowy & Crystal said...

awww Gizmo - you sure look like a star, with or without the collar

If Tinkerbell saw you, we bet that she would think that you are one of the cuttest chi's ^_^ we just LOVE your color, your collar and your shoes

by the way, how old are you now?

*wet licks*

Maltese Paws


Deetz said...

Hi Gizmo
I have a brother named Gizmo and Pedro told me about you.
Its nice to meet you

Katie and Gizmo said...

Pedro - Of course it's ok. I added you to mine too.

Snowy & Crystal - Aww thanks you two. I think you both are the cutest Maltese ever. hehe.
Btw, I'm almost 18mths old.

Deetz - Hi, it's nice to meet you too. So sorry about your brother though. It made me cry when I read he was sick :-(