Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gizmo the adorable Teddybear

Gizmo absolutely adores his new Teddybear outfit from Petitude. I had it on him for at least 6hrs last night and he didn't try to get it off once. I think because it's so soft, warm and comfortable to wear. Plus it makes him look adorable too.
He even slept in it last night so maybe I'll make it his Pyjama wear from now on.


Rambo said...

you look kool in your new outfit!
Does it make you feel like a rock star? Enjoy!

Sharon said...

oh my GOSH that is a cutie outfit. Dobby has so many clothes already.... but I might have to get him one of those!

<3 Sharon

0oBubeeo0 said...

cute cute cute

Cute dog cute outfit

Pedro said...


You must be a pretty good natured dawg to be wearin that outfit! It reminds me of the bunny outfit the boy human had to wear in A Chrismas Story! It is cute though (but not very macho).

Pedro (the macho chihuahua)