Sunday, August 17, 2008

Oh No...Bath Time - By Gizmo

It's been 3wks since my last bath and mummy says I smell like old socks so she gave me a bath today.

I hate having baths, am I the only dog that does?
I like the hair-drying part at the end tho because it's nice and warm but that's about it.

I go crazy after a bath, rubbing myself along the carpet because it feels funny being wet.
Mummy filmed me doing just that this afternoon. Take a look.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Gizmo!
Nice to meet you!
My name is Lorenza and I live in Mexico.
I read you story about how you came to live with your mom. Things happen for a reason and I know your are happy with her!
Kisses and hugs

Rambo said...

we don't like baths either. The doggy shampoo makes us itch, so we run around like maniacs and rub the wet stuff off on the rugs. he he he
Rambo & MM

Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Gizmo

You are supposed to find some dirt to roll in as soon as the bath is over!



CoCo said...

Nice to meet you Gizmo...and thank you for visiting my blog.

Yep, I don't like Baths at all. My Mama makes me go through rinse, shampoo, rinse, conditioner, soak, then rinse again. I do not get a blow dry, because I cannot stand the noise. I do get a rigorous towel dry though.

Your video is really cute! I like how you drag your hine legs to rub your belly dry. I just run around the house in a super fast speed and rub/ scoot my head and face all over the carpet. If you look back in my archive...I believe my Mama captured a video of me doing that!


Katie and Gizmo said...

Charlie - Mum don't let me anywhere near dirt after I've had a bath so I can't roll around in it otherwise I would.

Coco - I watched your video, it was really funny. My cousin Louise runs around like that after a bath too. hehe